If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth” Joseph Goebbels

In the current era of “applied disinformation”, it is becoming readily apparent that there are many vested interests (especially the relentless proliferation of NGO’s, QANGO’s, advocacy groups, and corporate lobbyists) and competing philosophies (most prominently Marxist/socialist, Islamofascist, Capitalist and Neoconservative) vying to manipulate the conscious minds of a significant proportion of broader Western society, such that it is increasingly difficult for the individual to distinguish reality from artifice, information from propaganda, fact from fiction.

The art of propaganda in our modern media-saturated society has become so sophisticated and pervasive that scarcely any issue remains untarnished by the use of such nefarious tactics, even by opposing proponents of otherwise conflicting ideologies. It is little wonder that a majority of the population is either completely indifferent, perpetually perplexed, or has no opinion to offer at all regarding many social issues that should be otherwise considered to be vital to their own livelihood, their individual and collective freedom, and their future happiness and prosperity.

Propaganda is not merely the art of persuasion to the merit of a particular ideology. Rather, it is the art of manipulating others by deception to perceive a fallacy as the truth. This is achieved by convincing them of a falsehood through tactics such as strategic omissions, outright gratuitous lies, and/or distortions of the truth utilizing techniques enacted and perfected in the recent past to terrible effect most prominently by the regimes of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.

Since the end of the Cold War, the use of these techniques has only escalated to the point now where routinely politicians of all persuasions, along with various intelligence organizations, transnational corporations and a myriad of different interest groups are actively asserting, through selective use and presentation of facts, a distorted view of society, history and science that jeopardizes the future stability of global geopolitics in general, and the viability of all Western democracies in particular.

It is no coincidence that this movement toward disinformation and propaganda has coincided with mischievous attempts to thwart freedom of speech by governments in the West, including most recently the egregious Australian example of the findings and recommendations of the aptly named Finkelstein report. The recommendations of this report call for greater media oversight and powers of censure by an unelected and unaccountable governmental regulator, which promises to be used purely as a means of quelling dissenting voices and thereby avoiding transparency and criticism for government policies and actions, under the guise of protecting the “public interest”. By accident or (more likely) design, it allows greater freedom for various bureaucracies to manipulate the truth, thus reducing their already scant accountability to the community that they are allegedly meant to serve.

The goal of bureaucracies increasingly throughout the late 20th and early 21st century has become not to improve the efficiency or functionality of our society, nor is it to promote the wellbeing of its inhabitants, but instead merely to perpetuate themselves as ever enlarging and pervasive entities, with an ever-increasing dominion and power over the populace. In the process, bureaucracies seek also to thwart defiance of socialization and collectivism by those individuals who value decentralization, independence and self-sufficiency. Thus, in the war of unproductive statists against productive libertarians and free enterprise, the first casualty is likely to be the truth. The quest for the truth has therefore become entirely secondary (or even irrelevant and superfluous) to the goal of destroying one’s political adversaries in the pursuit of power and influence, regardless of the consequences to the economic and social welfare of the community.

This corruption of societal trust and the rule of law is further achieved through an unholy alliance that has been fostered between crony capitalists within the corporate world, the politicians who serve them, and the various NGO’s, GONGO’s and QUANGO’s symbiotically feeding on the bloated carcass of our bureaucratic system. The erosion of the separation of powers between the state, the judiciary and the corporate world has led to an diminution of jurisprudence and constitutional protections of the rights of individuals in ever more pervasive ways.

The trend to value the spurious “rights” of corporations and government departments over the legitimate rights of individuals has led to many examples of egregious detriment impacting upon honest, hard-working and productive individuals. These individuals are often under direct assault from a multitude of intransigent and unreasonable bureaucratic bodies whose sole aim appears to be to willfully destroy the lifeblood of communities, and to the extinguish the flame of individual enterprise and ambition to self-sufficiency.

The most serious infringement upon the rights of the individual, however, comes from the overpowering influence of Wall Street and its global financial houses through the agency and influence of supranational corporations such as JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, et al. These financial leviathans have corrupted the corridors of power to the extent that they have effectively co-opted the entire US government (among others) to their bidding via the various Central Banks (including most conspicuously the US Federal Reserve), such that they are not only above the law, but direct the political leadership, up to and including the U.S. President, to their absolute control.

Particularly in the U.S., the political process has become a multibillion dollar circus, where outwardly opposing parties and candidates are both equally and overwhelmingly reliant upon funding by these multi-trillion dollar financial institutions, thereby allowing them to unduly dominate the political landscape, and thereby egregiously influence government policy and decision-making for their own protection and benefit, more often than not to the detriment of the general populace at large, and “Main Street” businesses in particular.

Giant mass media corporations, which dominate the mainstream presentation of news, are often financially beholden to or directly controlled by these same “banksters”, and are therefore actively filtering or doctoring the information fed to the general public for the sole purpose of facilitating and perpetuating this furtively corrupt co-operative arrangement, at the expense of journalistic integrity and unbiased investigative reportage.

This amalgamation of sinister influences, which form the crux of the present day “corporatocracy”, has evolved a complex system of organized lies, disinformation and propaganda that has threatened the viability of Western culture and hegemony. If the most pessimistic eventuality occurs, and the mass of humanity becomes wholly subservient to an elite oligarchy of corporatists, then the consequences for the rights and privileges of the individual in both the developed and the developing world are likely to be profoundly disturbing, leading us into a global totalitarianism on an unprecedented scale where total repression, perpetuation of fear and absolute control are the inevitable consequences.