“Winston 101” is a nom de plume that sprung to my mind perhaps by a happy accident, whilst I was searching for a suitable personal identifier that might afford me a modicum of anonymity when commenting on various blog sites.  In so doing, I would often have occasion to voice controversial or non-mainstream opinions that may not have fully aligned with the “politically correct” accepted wisdom of the day.

As a Medical Practitioner of nearly 30 years experience, and being dedicated (often to my own detriment) to socialised Medicine, as well as being the father of a severely disabled child now entering adulthood, I had become increasingly concerned about the progression of Western civilisation as it is propelled toward what I perceive to be a succession of pitfalls that threatens the hard won peace and prosperity that our forbears worked so tirelessly to establish, especially in the face of the adversity of two highly destructive World Wars and the worst global economic Depression that we have thus far had to endure.

What are those prospective, or at the very least potential pitfalls, I hear you ask? I have tried in my own small way to highlight just some of these concerns, which appear on this site in both my opinion pieces and through the use of political satire in my Shakespeare-inspired tragicomedies. These writings cover such topics as:

a) the unfettered growth of unwieldy and increasingly labyrinthine government bureaucracies, which I believe are strangling the Western world in a regulatory noose that not only stifles economic development, but has played a significant part in destroying our social cohesion, especially in promoting victimhood and identity politics, welfare dependency and also (whether intentionally or otherwise) undermining initiative, individual liberty, independence and self-sufficiency in its citizens;

b) the relentless march toward what I perceive to be a potential global surveillance state, a prospect that appears to be just over the horizon, especially when one considers that Project Echelon dates back to the late 1960’s, and this laid the foundation for much of the current activities undertaken by the NSA, CIA, et al. that are alleged to have already invaded the privacy of innocent citizens across the Western world. The nexus between the Intelligence communities in Western nations, the so called democratically-elected “Uni-Party” governments that are aligned with them, and the pernicious influence of the U.N bureaucracy and global financial leviathans like Goldman Sachs have become so incestuous and corrupt that the interests of “We, the people” have become secondary to the goal of soft-fascist, totalitarian control of every aspect of our lives in the name of the allegedly benign globalist cause.

c) the increasing loss of objectivity and transparency in academia in general, and in Science in particular: a trend that is especially notable in the fledgling field of Climate Science, where the tendencies toward the democratisation of knowledge, to consensus-driven adherence to accepted received wisdom, peer review gate-keeping as a means of entrenching current paradigms, and the advent of the scientist as activist has become acutely apparent, abandoning (in my opinion) many of the basic tenets of the scientific method in the process, all allegedly in the service of a supposedly noble cause;

d) the increasing manipulation and compromise of the mainstream media, particularly (but not exclusively) notable over the last 20 years, where journalists have progressively abrogated their responsibilities to objectively report facts as they occur, in favour of “cut and paste” journalism, popularising or lending credence to carefully orchestrated propaganda pieces, or propagating political talking points that favour one’s ideological heroes and comrades;

e) the loss of respect for our established Western traditions and philosophies, with the diminution or abandonment in the process of many of the foundation principles and tenets that once underpinned the success of our civilisation. There has also been a progressive loss of historical knowledge and informed perspective, something that is paramount if one is to learn the lessons that should be derived from the events of the past, and exacerbated by the curse of revisionist history coloured by ideological bias rather than by weight of contrary evidence;

f) the rising tide of narcissism and self-absorption that has gone hand-in-hand with the social media age, where image triumphs over substance, instant gratification trumps hard won satisfaction, and infatuation and hedonism overwhelms love and affection in the course of human affairs. Not unsurprisingly, this trend to self-absorption has been accompanied, in lock step, with an increasingly depressive, dispirited, aimless and apathetic population descends into a mire of self-doubt and self-pity, turning to drugs (both therapeutic and illicit) to give them some semblance of their past humanity;

g) the challenges human beings face, and will increasingly have to contend with in the future, in maintaining the essential essence of our own shared humanity in the face of a technological age that threatens to envelop us, depriving us of meaningful connections on an emotional and societal level. As we clasp ever more tightly to the, at times, false promise of all that is sleek, modern and technologically advanced, we potentially fall victim to becoming addicted to technology for its own sake rather than as a mere tool to hopefully broaden our life experience, rather than diminish it.

h) the recent trend to rampant economic profligacy, with speculative practices of an often predatory or wildly irresponsible nature becoming an ever-present threat to our financial health and welfare. These actions have been enabled by the erosion of economic protections and various laws (like the Glass-Steagall Act) meant to keep our governments accountable, and to keep banking and other private entities from engaging in high risk activity that is partly or wholly underwritten by the taxpayer, particularly in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

So, with Western culture and civilisation under these and other threats to its continued hegemony, I have tried to lend one small and insignificant voice of dissent, a voice that has grown from a vague rumble in the distance to a more obvious chorus of disapproval as we have moved forth into the coming century.


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